Customly Craft your work space

Running low on space in your work area?  Every where you seem to look is covered in papers and the papers you actually need are buried under other papers?  Check out these tips for maximizing whatever type of office space you have.  If you have a big or small space either way you’ll be able to stay organized.

First off don’t get sucked into the myth you need a bigger office.  If you cant manage to keep a small office clean and organized how would having more space help?  You’ll just have more room for clutter to occur.  Instead in your smaller office space try to maximize it completely.  Maybe you have some space under your desk that can be used to store some folds.  Personal i have an accordion folder for my  tax info and additional business documents under my desk.  Get creative and look for spaces to store stuff.

If you have lots of computer cables laying around, use binder dividers to label them.  Also either use tape or some tip of clip to hold them all together.  Also consider somehow suspending the cords so that they hang out the way.

If you want to see a dramatic decrease in office clutter stop relying on paper.  Its 2014 you can email all your documents.  Skype is a great way to get pertinent info face to face instead of a fax.  It is way easier to organize a messy computer than a bunch of paper work.  Save yourself the trouble; create some folders on your computer and start using technology properly.

Take advantage of vertical space.  Buy shelves that stand upright to make use of your empty walls.  Why hang up pictures when you can have another place to store your things?

Don’t think you need to reorganize all on your own, do some research.  Find some sites on this topic to help facilitate yourself staying organized.

How to create a customly crafted website

Looking to create yourself a website but feel you don’t have enough creativity options? 

Whenever i feel this way i simple make a list of what i want the site to be able to do.  Also i write out what options on the site that i want to be able to change. Also try and think of something in demand that you could supply.  For example a guide on how to get American Netflix in Canada.  This is a good example of something that is in demand and something easy to supply.

Depending on your needs one CMS (content management system)  may be better for you than the other.  Below is a list of 5 popular ones






Explore these CMS’s and other ones until you find one that suits your needs.  No one CMS is better than the other.  Nexopia is able to do things that webs may not be bale to do.  However Wordpress holds an advantage due to the custom plugins you are able to install.

Once you have decided what platform you are going to use to create your site, make sure you select a theme that compliments the content on your site.  If you are going to be featuring mainly videos then you should apply a theme that has a layout for many videos on the same page.

A large part of creating a site is trial and error.  Once you have done your initial research, start trying out different things.  You probably wont like what you have at first but with practice and time you will be able to build a website that suits your needs.

Tips for a customly crafted Tumblr

  • Choose a theme that is attractive and is related to the main purpose of your site.  This helps keep more people on your site.
  • Look in to doing a HTML redirect on some of your pages. This allows you to redirect to a different site that you want people to visit.  A good way to get your favorite sites out there or even your personal ones.
  • Research HTML and CSS codes on Google.  Tumblr is very customizable  if you search something along the lines of ” HTML code to hide dates on tumblr” you will find the necessary code to copy and paste into tumblr.  Remember computers are only as smart and as innovative as the users.
  • Create your own logo!  Head over to a site called Fiverr and you can get your own custom logo just for 5 bucks.  Of course you can make your own but having a logo helps people recognize your brand and your name.
  • Find an online resource to fall back on so you can gain ideas and motivation
  • Struggling to find a unique idea?  Base your tumblr off of your interests.  Even if lots of people are doing something you are interested in, your own personal beliefs and thoughts we help create a unique site.  A lot of the information on the internet is the same, what matters is who you gear it to and how it is promoted.